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What I Do

I have a BA in Music & Psychology, so naturally I became a website developer. It's a long story but it makes sense in a crazy kind of way. I've done many different things over the years, but it all adds up to experience and perspective I can use to help people every day and live my life to the fullest.

It's not easy to describe what I do, it changes on a daily basis. I'm always getting into something new, and the internet industry moves so fast there's always something new to get into. It seems like whenever a new buzzy job title comes out, I've already been doing it for years and it just fits me. It's very cool, but not easy to explain. Here's a summary of what I'm up to at the moment:
Non-Stop Work
I'm a designer, front end developer, website integrator, digital marketer, UX consultant, author, speaker, business owner, community leader, growth hacker, change manager, event organizer and whatever comes up tomorrow. I drink a lot of coffee and go very fast all the time because I have to.
Business Man
I started off building simple websites by myself, and now my company NetSense Media does a bit of everything in the internet industry. We help people navigate the matrix and create successful digital solutions for companies of all sizes.
Joomla! Contributor
Joomla! got me started in the website business years ago, but I never imagined how far it would take me. My involvement in the community helps people all around the world and it's amazing.
Techno Junkie
I've always loved techno music. Back in the day I was full time DJ & musician. On occasion I still do mixes & gigs for fun, & it's much more fun when it's not work. I'm always dancing somewhere either way.

NetSense Media

Website Design & Development, Internet Marketing & Digital Media Production.

NetSense Media is my company. We help business owners with a variety of internet services. Watch our awesome video and visit our website for more information.

NetSense Media, LLC
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Recent Highlights

JoomlaDay Denver 2016

JoomlaDay Denver 2016

The first JoomlaDay Denver took place on October 1st, 2016. I've been planning this for years and it was well worth the time, effort and wait. So many great things happened and it was a very special day for me. Thanks to everyone who supported the event!

Read All About It Here

JoomlaDay Denver Website

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After a long break from music, I reconnected with my passion for djing and electronic music. Download my new mixes featuring 3 hours+ of my favorite tunes from 2015.

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