My Journey With Joomla

More now than ever people are curious about how I got involved with Joomla and it’s a long story. Life has thrown some huge curve balls at me over the past few years, but every challenge I’ve overcome in my personal and business life seems to lead me back to the Joomla community. It’s lifted me up and it’s given me purpose. It’s financed my life and provided me more opportunities than I ever could have imagined. I’m happy I can finally share this story, it was difficult to put into words and it’s been a long time in the making.

My JWC 2015 Experience

It was a long road for me to get to the JWC 2015 in Bangalore, India. This was my 3rd JWC and it was the furthest I’ve ever travelled in my life. When they announced the JWC 2015 would be in India and I said to myself with certainty that there was no way I could go. At that time, I hadn’t travelled much and the thought of going to India seemed pretty far fetched to me. I also had no idea that my involvement with Joomla would take me all over the USA and Europe in 2015. This made the JWC 2015 a perfect grand finale to an amazing year of traveling and participation in the Joomla community.

2015 Dj Mixes

After a long break from music, I reconnected with my passion for djing and electronic music. Download my new mixes featuring 3 hours+ of my favorite tunes from 2015.

Check It Out

My article titled "Stay Motivated After the JWC" was published in the December 2015 edition of the Joomla Community Magazine. It's all about how we can make the most of our experiences at community events with some perspective from my travels to the JWC 2015 in India.

JWC 2015 Photo Gallery

My Photos from the JWC2015 In Bangalore India

JWC 2015 Photo Gallery


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