JWC 2014 Group Photo

I was honored to be selected as a speaker at the JWC 2014, it was an amazing experience and a fantastic trip to Cancun. I enjoyed meeting everyone and enjoyed participating in a Joomla! community event of this scale. Aside from a much needed vactation and learning some new tricks, I left the JWC feeling inspired and I'm looking forward to contributing more to the Joomla! community in the future.

I enjoyed doing my presentation but in hindsight it was a bit unpolished. There's never enough time in the day and I tried to cover too much material - and some lame comedy bits that helped me remember why I'm a website developer (not quitting my day job anytime soon). I was very excited to have the opportunity to speak, and that excitement combined with the sheer amount of information I tried to cover probably made what I was saying hard to follow at times. I appreciate the help and feedback I got regarding my presentation, and I thank everyone that took time to listen to what I had to say. It was my first time doing a major presentation and I gained much insight into how to prepare and communicate my points more effectively. The experience will no doubt serve me well in the future.

With that in mind, I’ve taken a bit of time to refine my slides, clear up my main points and break out some of the examples into an easier to understand format. Much thanks to the Joomla! team for the opportunity and thanks to everyone who was in attendance. The links to my presentation slides and additional resources are below, along with my indulgent vacation photos. I am always happy to share my knowledge and I hope you find my information is helpful. Feel free to contact me with any questions.