Cliff Pfeifer Dj Mixes

This mix has special place in my collection of mixes. It was the winning submission to the GlamScum International Podcast Deep Segment Mix contest in 2010. This mix features "deep" flavored tracks hand picked by The Scumfrog (one of my all time favorite music producers) for his radio show. Out of all the mixes I've done this is one of my favorites, and The Scumfrog liked it enough to use as an episode of his radio show. I hope you enjoy it too.

Cliff Pfeifer: Denver Colorado

A classically trained percussionist and composer, Cliff Pfeifer fell in love with electronic music in the 80’s and grew up in the booming 90’s Denver rave scene. He was simply an active participant in the scene until after college and in the early 2000’s he turned from raver to DJ. Within a year, he was playing at raves opening for legendary DJ’s and a resident DJ at various clubs in Denver spinning 4 to 5 nights a week...

Cliff Pfeifer Dj Mixes

This mix was in the making all of 2015. It was the best year of my life and it was an emotional and transformational time. I rediscovered my love for music and was encouraged by some old friends to jump back on the decks. I started mapping this out early in the year because the music was so damn good it made me want to spin again. It took all year to put together and wasn't finished until some amazing tracks were released in early December. These songs were the soundtrack for my daily life, the good times, the bad times, and my journies around the globe in 2015. Enjoy.

Cliff Pfeifer Dj Mixes

This is a collection of my favorite break beat tracks from 2015. I love breaks and we don't hear enough of them anymore. This mix is a journey through nu-school breaks and electro with a swanky old school feel. After a short funky warm up, it gets dirty, then it gets filthy - so hold on to your hats. If you love breaks, you need to check it out.

Spring Fling was recorded in the Spring of 2003. Back when I was gigging Dj all we had was vinyl, and this progressive trance mix was my transition out of deep dark winter into a beautiful spring and summer. This emotional mix starts with a deep breath, and dives into some of my all time favorite records. Enjoy!