Electronic Evolutions

Episode 2015 Volume 02
EDM Anthems, Electro House, Progressive, Trance

This mix was in the making all of 2015. It was the best year of my life and it was an emotional and transformational time. I rediscovered my love for music and was encouraged by some old friends to jump back on the decks. I started mapping this out early in the year because the music was so damn good it made me want to spin again. It took all year to put together and wasn't finished until some amazing tracks were released in early December. These songs were the soundtrack for my daily life, the good times, the bad times, and my journies around the globe in 2015.

Just like my 2015, it's a journey. A high energy emotional rollercoaster ride with a lot of twists and turns through my favorite EDM anthems, vocal heartbreakers and electro floorbangers. Some progressive, trance and a few other styles fill it out along the way. At almost 2 hours, it's the longest mix I've ever done. I spent months listening to podcasts, searching for songs and orchestrating the mix. In December, a few new tracks came out to provide the glue and bring it all together. In 2015, I learned you can't rush your journey, and no matter how much you stress it usually all fits together perfectly in the end. I love every single song and I love this mix. I hope you do too, enjoy.