GrooviTech Volume 03

Glamscum International Radio
Deep Segment Mix Winner 2010

This mix has special place in my collection of mixes. It was the winning submission to the GlamScum International Podcast Deep Segment Mix contest in 2010. This mix features "deep" flavored tracks hand picked by The Scumfrog for his radio show. The weekly radio show and podcast hosted by The Scumfrog (one of my all time favorite music producers) was always one of my favorites. Every week featured the "Deep Segment" with a great "deep" track selection from that week. The contest was to take the 50 or so deep segment selections from the past year and make a mix from them. The winner would get their mix played as an episode of the show. I gave it a shot, and much to my surprise I won, and this mix ended up being an episode of Glamscum International Radio. It blew me away back then and it still does to this day.

In my experience many contests like this are a promotional gimmick of some kind. In this case, The Scumfrog actually listened to every submission before choosing mine, which in itself is amazing. As a long time dj and musician it was unbelievable to get a nod of approval from such a well respected DJ & Producer. It meant a lot to me in so many ways.

A few years later, The Scumfrog played a show in Denver and it was the first time I ever saw him play live. He finished his set at around 3PM in the afternoon at a strip club in Denver on New Years Day 2013, which is just as insane as it sounds. After a long night of NYE partying, and an even longer morning / afternoon of post NYE parties, I was a bit frazzled to say the least. I stayed around until the end of his amazing set just so I could give him a hug and say thanks. It meant so much to me that he actually took the time to listen to something I made, not to mention he thought it was good enough to use as an episode of his radio show. I have much respect for him and I will always cherish this hazy and somewhat distorted memory from a wild New Year's night.

The Scumfrog is still one of my DJ / Producer heroes to this day, I love everything he does. This is still one of my favorite mixes and he provided all of the inspiration. I'll always remember this one and the memories come back every time I play it. I'm happy I can share this mix again and tell this story, I hope you enjoy it too.

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