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About Me

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I’m Cliff, a creative professional located near Denver Colorado. I’ve been working in various creative, media and marketing fields for over two decades. I’ve done a lot of cool things and helped a lot of people, businesses and organizations all over the world. I’m always working on something and looking for my next adventure. Explore the site for more details about what I do and free to connect with me on social media.

What I Do

I am a freelance media and marketing specialist and the owner of NetSense Media, LLC. I have a number of creative outlets and skills in the areas of music, art and technology. Below is synopsis of my general areas of expertise.

Website Design & Development

Extensive experience in custom website design and theming with a focus on user and client experience

Visual Design

Graphics for web and print. Marketing materials. AI Generative art and motion graphics

Music Production

Classically trained percussionist and composer. Production, engineering, mixing, mastering for any type of project

Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies, content marketing, SEO, online advertising and more

Business Consultation

Organizational strategies, technology auditing and implementation, marketing, branding & community outreach

Private Consultations

Personalized consultations & training available by the hour for any of my services. Book some time and pick my brain

Visit NetSense Media, LLC for more information and to contact me about business services

Let’s talk about your project

Contact me via social media or my business website if you’re interested in working with me

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